The salt storehouse – public reception

Julien Gracq’s own identity gives its main lines to the project : Gracq the Writer, Gracq the Geographer and Gracq the Teacher.

The Maison Julien Gracq’s literary and artistic project is about contemporary literature and its filiations ; french languages around the world ; landscape and its movements in history and space ; transmission of personal, professional, and cultural knowledge from one generation to the next.

A literary stage, a historical but also very contemporary place, The Maison Julien Gracq, on the banks of the Loire, on the edge north of Mauges in Pays de la Loire, invites diverse audiences : amateurs, neophytes, scholars and passingby tourists.

The library in the salt storehouse, by Francis Vigouroux

The salt storehouse, open to the public since July 2014, consists of two rooms :

  • The Maps’ Room on the ground floor offers to see, feel, and experience what reading and literature are. It’s a door open on Julien Gracq’s work in an attractive, warm, and mysterious way. It provokes desire to read and to open one’s mind for reading.
  • The Maison Julien Gracq’s library can welcome 90 persons in a public-stage format. It is, first of all, a consultation and a work place ; training, research groups, reading and writing workshops are also organized there, as well as meetings between youth, adults and writers, public readings, debates and small concerts. It is connected with Angers’s University Library.

The Remarkable Library is a unique project, which will take place in the salt storehouse library. A high number of Great Readers (francophone writers and artists...), have been asked to give their ideal list of 5 to 10 books they would like to find in the Maison Julien Gracq.

août 2018 :

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